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Nathan Pierce was always destined to be a successful business owner. As a teenager, he was more interested in working and going to school than playing video games or goofing off. Nathan was eager to invest in his future. With a 401k and an IRA already in place, he started his career in real estate and purchased his first house at the age of 19.Nathan quickly realized the financial benefits of having a rental portfolio. He subsequently purchased a second home and discovered that he had a penchant for fixing and flipping homes. Nathan was the owner of five houses when he was just 22 years old.



These experiences provided Nathan a significant amount of hands on lending experience while also sharpening his customer service skills. He quickly became a driving force in the Phoenix real estate market. Nathan worked to change the traditional short sale flip model so that homeowners wouldn’t be decimated financially in the process. He earned a reputation as a fair, trustworthy and energetic real estate professional. His next step was to take these earned principles to other areas of service in residential real estate in Phoenix.


In 2012, Nathan Pierce put his two decades of business excellence to work and founded Strong Tower Real Estate. His goal was to create a real estate brokerage like no other. Nathan’s vision was to provide a wide array of comprehensive real estate services all under one roof. Nathan would go on to create Strong Tower Homes & Construction with Nick McCully. This was the last step needed to fulfill Nathan’s desire to have self encapsulated services for his clients and investors alike.


Living by the mantra, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” Nathan co-founded the Standing in the Gap Foundation to help local at-risk children reach their full potential. In his free time, the altruistic Phoenix native enjoys going to Cardinals games, listening to live music, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Nick McCully


Nick McCully was born to parents who were both involved in home building and real estate. He developed a passion for the industry at a very early age. Nick’s first job was as a basic laborer on his father’s job sites, sweeping and cleaning up debris. He eventually worked his way into learning the specific skill sets of a number of related trades.


In 2005, Nick put his construction career on hold to create a real estate company with Nathan Pierce. They would go on to combine the lending and acquisition sides of residential real estate under one umbrella. Together, Nick and Nate generated more than 35 million dollars in residential real estate sales until the market crash in 2008.


With Arizona leading the country in distressed assets, Nick and Nate forged a new path in the world of short sales and foreclosures while developing their real estate investment business. The partnership quickly built a solid reputation for helping distressed homeowner’s exit their over-leveraged properties. It was here that Nick once again found himself in the construction side of real estate. Utilizing their existing knowledge, relationships, and resources, Nick and Nate managed remodeling projects for both their investors and themselves.


The revival of Arizona’s real estate market led Nick and Nate’s to adapt their skills to benefit the average home buyer and seller. The idea of Strong Tower Homes & Construction took shape, and in early 2015, Nick merged his father’s general contracting company under the Strong Tower umbrella. Strong Tower Homes & Construction offers a wide array of services. This includes minor repairs, maintenance, BINSR services, custom home building, and remodeling for sellers and buyers.



Konni Cormier grew up in Phoenix and is a graduate of Arizona State University. She has a degree in both Finance and Accounting. Konni has been in real estate since 2008. She started her career in real estate as the Chief Financial Officer for Green Street Communities. It was here that she learned the business of home building, home sales and investor driven real estate.


Konni has held a variety of positions during her career including her current job as Operations Manager and realtor of Strong Tower Real Estate.  Her financial background gives her a valuable perspective for her clients. She has the ability to assist buyers/sellers beyond the transaction and into the details that make their decision a positive windfall for everyone involved. Konni’s extensive knowledge of the Phoenix real estate market is driven by her dedication to providing each and every client with the very best real estate experience possible.


Konni works closely with Nathan Pierce and Nick McKully to ensure that each client of Strong Tower Real Estate and Strong Tower Construction is put in a position to succeed financially. She looks to provide the type of options that other brokerages cannot offer. Oftentimes this requires creativity in a process that is not known for innovation. It is Konni’s responsibility to utilize her expertise and the vast resources of the two companies to make dreams come true for clients.


In her free time, Konni enjoys the many friendships that a career in real estate has to offer. She also enjoys hiking, biking, camping, boating and almost anything that has to do with being outdoors.