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Can You Not Afford Your Home Anymore? We Help Distressed Home Owners.

Strong Tower Real Estate can help you with your distressed or unwanted home. Regardless of whether you inherited a home or are facing foreclosure, Strong Tower Real Estate will provide you with expert consultation and stress relieving options that will give you the assistance you need.

Can't Afford Your Home in Phoenix? (Icon)

Facing Foreclosure on Your Home?

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments, Strong Tower can help you. Don’t allow the bank to foreclose on your home. Strong Tower Real Estate can guide you to programs, counseling and other assistance you need during a difficult time. Keep your home and eliminate your stress by calling us today.

Does the IRS Have a Tax Lien on Your Home?

A lien can create unwarranted stress on a homeowner. If your property is subject to a lien filing, the real estate professionals at Strong Tower Real Estate can help you. Often times, a lien filing is punitive. It’s important to remember that a lien is simply a document of record that a debt is owed. Strong Tower Real Estate has the experts to help you regardless of type of lien or amount that may be attached to your real estate asset.

What If My Home Is Underwater?

As of the beginning of 2017, roughly 10% of all residential homeowners in United States with a mortgage owed more to the bank than the market value of the home. This can be unsettling for a homeowner. The experts at Strong Tower Real Estate can provide you with beneficial options and stress-relieving solutions to being “underwater” in your home. Call us today!

Did You Obtain a Home Through Probate or Inheritance?

If you are now responsible for a home acquired through probate or inheritance and are unsure as to what you’re best options are, call the professionals at Strong Tower Real Estate. We can guide you to the very best solution possible for your acquisition. Remodel, rent, keep or sell … having the Strong Tower team help you with your newly acquired asset will pay off for you.

In Need of a Short Sale?

Strong Tower Real Estate has decades of experience with short sales. We understand the nuances of this type of real estate transaction and can guide you to long-term positive outcome. We will manage the entire process on your behalf with any and all parties involved. The experts at Strong Tower Real Estate will help you to understand the process and navigate the new laws that pertain to short sales to your benefit.

The team at Strong Tower is ready to go to work for you if you can no longer afford your home.